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Posted by Lisa White

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What if I told you there is a business solution designed just for you that would improve your margins and profitability and would pay for itself in just a few years?

Interested? Then please read on.

What’s in a name?

Both Mincron and Dancik, Kerridge Commercial Systems Group companies in North America, built the foundation of our reputation with the commitment we have made to our customers — and the fact that we follow through. For more than 35 years, we have been developing software specifically for distributors, wholesalers, and retailers, and providing them with the type of personalized support that we all would want as customers.

We are here for the long haul, not just to make a sale.

Our customers are distributors, wholesalers, and retailers ranging from multi-national corporations to mid-sized regional and one location operations. Our solutions are scalable to adapt to our customer’s changing needs.

In describing what our solutions do, I usually compare them to a command center. They are deployed with the tools and functions that maximize opportunities for efficiency and results which ultimately means improved margins and profitability. Our customers typically report that they have achieved their ROI within just a few years.

Our solutions are an ideal fit for distributors, wholesalers, and retailers in:

  • Lumber & Building Materials
  • Waterworks
  • Plumbing
  • Irrigation
  • Flooring Coverings
  • Industrial
  • HVAC/R
  • Pipe, Valves & Fittings

 At your service

Our products are backed up by some amazing people who have built strong relationships with our customers.

It starts with the Product Development department that gets excited about designing solutions and new functionality that will make a real difference for our customers. Our Custom Development group find it very rewarding when they configure unique enhancements that have been requested.

Some members of our Sales team have worked for distributors, so they know the distribution business first-hand and understand how our solutions can benefit an organization. The Sales team will spend as much time as needed to answer questions, go on-site for a full-scale, detailed look inside an operation, and recommend the best solution.

One of the biggest reasons organizations avoid investing in a new software solution is their fear of implementation disruptions. Our mission is to do it right, with the least amount of disruption to our customers and their businesses. We are proud of our nearly 100% implementation success rate, and the seamless transitions our customers experience. The difference is the face time our Implementation teams dedicate to training new customers to make sure they are comfortable using their new system. The team will also be on-site in the days leading up to and during the go-live to ensure there are no glitches and the new system is running smoothly.

Our personalized support doesn’t end there. Customers are never a number with us. Whenever customers need help, one of our Support team members who know them and their business will do whatever it takes to solve any issues.

We build partnerships with our customers, we care about their long-term success, and we’re proud that our solutions help them achieve their goals.



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